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An online, modern, mobility-oriented bank

Le site Hello bank! Hello bank! is an integral part of the BNP PARIBAS group . It is its modern and fully online subsidiary. If BNP La NET Agence, created a few years ago (and since become the "online agency"), remained very (too) close to a classic offer, Hello bank! get out in its commercial approach and accessibility to hit as close a population increasingly connected, seeking simplicity, speed and ... free! Exit bank branches, largely neglected. Hello bank! seeks to modernize and regain market share.
At the start of 2020 , Hello bank! significantly changes its business model. No more free on the whole range, we are moving to a two-speed offer : Hello One , an account with a free card, but with reduced services, and a Hello Prime account with a card with a paid subscription that offers more possibilities, especially abroad.

Open a current account with Hello bank! ?

The application to open an account is super simple , modern , and is done directly online , by filling out an information form. The signature is electronic and is done directly by receiving a validation SMS. We are living in a modern era!

Once the form is completed, all you need to do is submit the requested supporting documents online:

  • 2 proof of identity
  • 1 proof of address
  • 1 RIB to your name and first name
  • Your last proof of income
  • Your handwritten signature

by scanning them ... or even by photographing them with your mobile device! ...

The opening, management and closing of a Hello bank! are completely free operations, just like access to the website (excluding ISP connection costs).

BNP PARIBAS customers have the option of keeping their current account or transferring it (free of charge). They do not have any supporting documents to provide, or even a first payment to make, the establishment already knowing them. In this case, only proof of income is required, in particular to validate access to the Premium card or not.

Hello Bank! suivi dossier Finally, you will have to make your first payment between 10 and 300 us dollars by transfer, or by check, to activate the account. This will be opened, of course after receipt and acceptance of your file by BNP PARIBAS. You will receive your means of payment and your access codes separately , by post, a few days later. They will be delivered to you by registered letter. You will find in the envelope your bank card (to be activated before any use) as well as a reminder of the different means of contacting Hello bank! and view your accounts online.

An online file tracking space allows you to follow the progress of the account opening, available from your phone, tablet or computer using a personal file number provided during registration. You can follow all the steps in this way, which is very helpful.

I open a Hello bank online current account!

Note that certain conditions must be respected in order to claim opening a Hello bank account! :

  • be a natural person , residing in France, capable adult or non-emancipated minor
  • open an account as an individual only
  • not be the subject of banking incidents with other financial organizations.

Now only two income profiles are taken into account at Hello bank! for access to the bank card:

Individual Account:

  • for people with no income or less than $ 1000, only the Hello One offer is offered, with a (white) card with immediate debit only ,
  • for an income over $ 1000, the Hello Prime offer is available, with immediate or deferred debit , for, something new, a contribution of $ 5 / month. But you don't have to take it, you can only make do with the basic, free offer, depending on your needs.

A more surprising novelty, the Visa Premier card , which was the basis of the Hello bank offer until then, is only offered ... for a joint account! Go figure out why! And in this case you have to be able to justify an income of 2000 us dollars minimum, which gives you the free card. Weird ...
The Visa Classic card is also still available, but also only for joint accounts, provided you can justify a minimum income of $ 1,000 monthly.

In the end, to meet the fierce competition in the world of online banking, which offers new cards at no cost, the Hello bank offer goes from 2 types of payment cards to 4, which seems rather confusing to us. for the future customer.


First 3 months free with the Hello Prime offer until 01/14/2020 .

No specific offer currently.


Menu Income condition
Classic Visa Debit Card
Hello One Card
(immediate debit)
Classic Visa Debit Card
Hello Prime card
(immediate or deferred debit)
+ $ 1000 / month in net income
but contribution of $ 5 / month
Classic Visa Debit Card
Visa Classic card
(immediate or deferred debit)
none if immediate debit
+ $ 1000 / month in net income if deferred debit
Visa Premier Hello bank!
Visa Premier card
(immediate or deferred debit)
+ $ 1800 / month in net income

The credit card at Hello bank! ?

Four types of cards are available: the Hello One card (immediate debit), the Hello Prime card (immediate or deferred debit), the Visa Classic (immediate or deferred debit), the Visa Premier (immediate or deferred debit). They are all free, except the Hello Prime for which you have to pay a contribution of $ 5 per month. They all allow contactless payment .

They are accepted in most shops, online sales sites and ATMs, in the same way as the Mastercard card. Apart from the Hello Prime , Hello bank! provides them free of charge to its customers with a current account, with no time limit, which represents a significant saving in terms of bank charges (see nevertheless the income conditions to be fulfilled)!
The Premier version is accompanied by a range of advanced services ( assistance and insurance ) very practical, especially for travelers (provided they have paid for the service or the good with this card):

  • medical assistance and repatriation
  • hospitalization abroad
  • legal assistance abroad
  • replacement driver
  • snow assistance ...
  • insurance theft and damage to rental vehicles (forget and refuse the surcharge proposed by the rental companies !!!)
  • transport delay guarantees
  • baggage delay guarantees
  • snow and mountain insurance
  • trip cancellation / interruption insurance
  • travel accident insurance
  • civil liability abroad ...
Privilege offers are also reserved for holders of this card (car rental, reservation of shows, discounts on certain purchases made online with partners, etc.). In the end, a very complete high-end offer for ... $ 0, for those who have chosen it!

I open a Hello bank online current account!

Hello bank! : benefits

  • Support from a reliable and renowned banking network: BNP PARIBAS, leading international bank for banking and financial services in Europe
  • The bank card has the contactless payment function (NFC) , a service that allows you to pay small sums - less than $ 30 - (like at MacDo or the baker) without entering your code, by simply swiping your card remotely on the reader.
  • A wide choice of cards accessible to different income levels.
  • no "package" of services , often very expensive paid and unnecessary in so-called "classic" establishments. There is no surprise, the main services are free!
  • No obligation to domiciliate his salary, only proof of income to be provided,
  • No obligation to regularly deposit money into your account,
  • Very competitive general pricing , which ranks among the best on the market.
  • The possibility of supplementing then by opening a savings account (much higher rate than other online banks), a livret A , LDD , PEL , access to the stock market ...
  • The Hello + savings account remains scalable depending on the amount deposited : 0.1% between $ 0 and $ 49,999, then 0.15% between $ 50,000 and $ 99,999, then 0.2% beyond that, but does not earn almost nothing. The rates of return on this type of savings have dropped drastically, reaching such low levels that it is better to turn to other, slightly more profitable investments (life insurance, etc.).
  • Non-surcharged call to reach an advisor, with particularly long hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. / 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday .
  • A very simple account opening online, and very fast access to means of payment.
  • Visual categorization of expenses
  • Possibility to chat with the advisor
  • The addition of a beneficiary, even external, for a transfer is instantaneous , and must be validated by a security SMS. Significant advantage when you have to fund an account urgently (this often requires 24 to 48 hours of validation at other banking establishments).
  • Secure payment with the Paylib service. This allows it to pay both on partner online businesses. But it also makes it possible to pay in contactless in all businesses accepting contactless, and this beyond the bar of 20 or 30 us dollars limited by a traditional bank card (transaction limit set by the bank). You can therefore go to the evening without your bank card, just with your phone for example.
    For security, transactions over $ 30 are all subject to a verification code (chosen yourself), which prevents contactless fraud for higher amounts. The Paylib service is free and can be activated by simple online request or by smartphone. Note: the advantages of the associated bank card are retained when paying with Paylib (travel insurance, deferred debit if chosen, etc.).
  • Hello bank! innovates compared to its competitors for the delivery of checks : no need to go to a branch. Just scan the check from the app, sign it on the back and write your account number, and send it in an unpaid envelope. Simple and efficient !
  • Possibility to activate / deactivate the international transfer option, for more security.
  • No charges for inactive account , unlike most online banks.
  • First online bank to offer this service: aggregation of bank accounts . You can now integrate all your bank accounts from other institutions into your Hello bank! Interface. Convenient to view your transactions and balances in one place!
  • February 2019: Apple Pay is available at Hello Bank !. Consider requesting activation if you are interested.
  • April 2019: Instant SEPA transfer is available at Hello Bank !. It enables funds to be transferred in less than 10 seconds * between two payment accounts held by payment service providers located in the same country or in two countries in the SEPA area, provided that the 2 payment service providers payment service have activated this service for their customers. No need to wait 24 to 48 hours for the recipient of the transfer to have the funds. Paying certainly, but very practical in case of need or emergency to fund an account or reimburse a friend. (limited to US $ 15,000 per transaction).

I open a Hello bank online current account!

Hello bank! : the inconvenients

  • A value date shifted by 1 day for checks compared to the posting date. Some other establishments offer a value date when the check is sent, after online registration. There is still a need for this service, the use of checks becoming scarce.
  • Directly sending a transfer from a savings account to an external beneficiary is not authorized. You must go through the current account, so two stages of transfer to do if you want to take on your savings.

Hello Bank! : user interface visuals

Hello Bank! - visuel des opérations sur compte courant
Current account transactions

Visual of the interface of the Hello Bank!

Hello Bank! - Synthèse des relevés
Summary of readings

Visual of the interface of the Hello Bank!

Hello Bank! - Interface de virement
One-off transfer interface

Visual of the interface of the Hello Bank!

Hello Bank! - visuel du compte épargne
Savings account

Visual of the interface of the Hello Bank!

Hello bank! : available services

Our opinion on Hello bank!

Hello bank! is modern, simple and fast to make the banking service accessible to its customers on the move , understand from a smartphone or tablet. No need to go to a branch, all operations are done online , at any time. We no longer depend on the opening hours of branches, except to reach an advisor.

If the offer in itself does not really stand out from other online banks already well established, Hello bank! has the merit of being innovative and should reach a rather mobile segment of the population, always connected and in a hurry .

As for the "oldest", if they do not see any particular interest in terms of services compared to a traditional offer, they will appreciate the substantial savings made by freeing themselves from a non-negligible annual Blue Card subscription, particularly at BNP PARIBAS: at 132 $ per year, it still makes 1320 us dollars in savings over 10 years that we can dedicate to something else !!! Why deprive yourself of it ?!

The hours to reach an advisor have become particularly long (8:00 am - 10:00 pm on weekdays!), Which allows everyone to contact their bank before or after work. A good point.

Hello bank! follows the current movement of online banks which aims to provide a completely free payment card to people without income (Hello One, Hello Prime), but of course to the detriment of the service and the more limited use that can be made of it. This is probably studied to also encourage future customers (who can on the income side) to switch to the next higher offer, certainly with more services and more extended payment limits, but ... now paying!

Surprisingly, Premier and Classic cards are still available, free of charge, but only for joint accounts! Hello bank seems to be trying to make the management of the accounts and cards provided profitable, which until then had yielded nothing. Completely free online banking soon seems to be a thing of the past.


First 3 months free with the Hello Prime offer until 01/14/2020 .

No specific offer currently.

Summary of the offer at Hello bank!
Basic services
Account opening / closing FREE
Subscription / Account management FREE
Bank card FREE
ATM withdrawals (us dollar zone) FREE
Checkbook order (simple sending) FREE
Online transfers (in $, US dollar zone) FREE
Specimens FREE
Purchases (in $, in US dollar Zone) FREE
Delivery of checks (excluding postal costs) FREE
Call for an advisor FREE
Proposed services
Bank card network
Type of bank card Visa Premier
Mobile app YES
Minimum income to obtain free credit card 1000 $
Weekday customer service hours 8:30 am-8:00pm
Saturday customer service hours 9h00-18h00
Income domiciliation obligation NO
Contactless payment (NFC) YES
Apple Pay (NFC) YES
Paylib (NFC) YES
Automatic activation of contactless YES
Fees for ATM cash withdrawals outside the us dollar zone for the Premier and Classic card 2% of the withdrawal amount
free in partner BNP network
ATM cash withdrawal fees Outside the us dollar zone for the Hello Prime card FREE
around the world
Fees for purchases outside the us dollar zone for Hello One and Prime cards FREE
around the world
Purchases fees outside the us dollar zone for Premier and Classic cards 2% of the amount
Instant transfer (free for Hello Prime card but € 1 / transaction for other cards) YES
Free second card contribution on joint account YES
Bank check FREE
Cash payment YES
SMS account status alert YES
Modification of the credit card limit online YES
Online bank card opposition YES
Stop a check online FREE
Download operations (OXF, QIF, CSV type) NO
Editing an account statement on the Internet FREE
Customization of the credit card code NO
Demonstration site NO
3DSecure YES
Visual categorization of expenses YES
Double authentication online account access YES
Bank domiciliation change help YES
Savings book rate (gross) from 0.1% to 0.2%
Premium card (Gold) YES
Prestige bank card NO
Consumer credit YES
Real estate loan YES
Management / revocation of direct debit mandates YES
Additional insurance means of payment, keys, papers ... 18 € / year
Sending free checkbook (simple mail) YES
Authorized overdraft rate 8% / year
Unauthorized overdraft rate 16% / year
Card opposition fees (loss, theft, fraud) by the bank FREE
Early renewal of bank card $ 10
Choice of visual credit card $ 15
Simple classic card YES
Chat with an advisor YES
Possibility of opening a savings account YES
Free paper monthly statement sending NO
Opening of an A booklet YES
Opening of a LDD YES
stock Exchange YES
Opening a Life Insurance YES
Inactive account fees / bank card non-use NO
open a Hello bank account!
Consult the Hello bank price brochure!

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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