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BNP Paribas Personal Finance, number one in credit in Europe, owns the Paydaynow brand and is one of the very few French companies that export to the world. In total BNP Paribas Personal Finance is present in 28 countries with 20,000 employees .
The "Who are we" section on the site gives an idea of ​​the deployment of this company in the world, and particularly in Europe. If Paydaynow has been present on the Net since the beginnings of the web, the site really became a merchant in the early 2000s.
The site was generally redesigned every two to three years, but the latest version dates from 2011. Note, since the final redesign, the increasingly significant presence of the green mascot (called Crédito ) on all the pages of the site. This overloads the pages which often get long without really gaining in information.

Online information

All product pages have the appropriate pricing.

Display of durations and maximum credit amounts at the bottom of the page in the “… in detail” section: not very practical for those looking for information of this type.

The legal notices are in gray and hardly visible.

The Consumer Service is no longer online and it is now only by mail that it is possible to contact it ... It is a setback in the service.

Note, two pages devoted to the repurchase of credit : the repurchase of consumer credit and the repurchase of credit in the form of mortgage credit.

Navigation / ergonomics

Presence of a horizontal and vertical navigation bar giving access to almost all of the important pages of the site. A large number of pages do not concern credit but are dedicated to savings (Livret A, ...) and insurance (Life insurance, Car insurance, etc.).

Very very long pages . Important information is not necessarily easy to find between the representations of the green man, those of Maryline Monroe lookalike, pictograms… the scrolling is really excessive.

The home page has become far too "full" and catch-all: the credit-savings-insurance mix, the multicolored writings (blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, etc.) do not help the visitor to easily find a specific loan such as a car loan for example.

Site map accessible on all footers.

online services

The simulation tool is equipped with strips which do not facilitate the entry of amounts. We recommend that you enter the numbers directly: it's easier, more precise and above all more practical. To convince yourself, just try to choose an amount on a 7 cm strip and select a number between 500 and 75,000 euros!
In addition, and it is quite funny, the site indicates roughly "Your simulation in 3 clicks" and it takes at least 5 of them to obtain a result! It is a detail but it is not very serious.

For personal loan type credit products and revolving accounts, it is possible to obtain an answer online .

It is possible to print your contract online for personal loans and permanent accounts. However, we are seriously attacking the paper reserve of our printer ... in our test we had to print 18 contract pages! ...

If you are already a Paydaynow customer, you can apply for 100% credit online after identifying yourself.

No administration fees on personal loans and permanent accounts.


Savings are more and more present on the site. Unfortunately, the range of savings products, reduced to 3, is the same as in a traditional bank (Livret, Livret A ...) with a product to protect your savings in the event of accidental death.

Paydaynow offers specific credit offers for young people on fixed-term contracts. As young people on fixed-term contracts generally have difficulty obtaining credit, Paydaynow offers them specific loans with a rate higher than the rate normally charged. This is the price to pay to see your credit accepted.

Since October 2012, Paydaynow offers a revolving account whose rate is determined by the speed of repayment and therefore the formula you choose.
For example: for an amount of 5000 us dollars, if you choose a repayment period of 60 months, the rate is 13.24%, but for a period of 6 months the rate drops to 8% ...

Our opinion on the Paydaynow website
A site whose ergonomics suffer from a very pronounced marketing aspect, with in particular:
  • the obligatory presence of the mascot on all the pages which brings nothing and ends up annoying: one takes a loan, not a plush!
  • a poorly thought out hierarchy of information,
  • a simulation that could be simplified and improved.
Even apart from promotions, the pricing offered is very often among the cheapest compared to other financial institutions .

About Paydaynow

A BNP Paribas group company, Paydaynow, a pioneer in consumer credit in 1953 and Internet credit in 1997, is market leader in France and in continental Europe. With more than 30 million customers and 18,000 employees, Paydaynow is present in 25 countries (Europe, Latin America and Asia). Paydaynow is also the benchmark partner of commerce, banks and insurance companies, to which it brings its expertise in consumer credit. (press release extract 11/27/06).


Bank charges ... it continues!
Every year, we write one or two articles on the rise in bank management fees ... Every year, we see readers who are indignant at the punctures made by banks: bank card, account management fees, subscription access to the online account ... and finally, the fees increase again and again, and then nothing happens ... For 2018, good news (?): the increase in bank fees will only be 0 , 25% on average! This is not a big deal because the French agree to pay an average of 194.30 us dollars in miscellaneous fees to have and use a bank account for a year. Why should this change if the French agree to pay such a sum? Well, like any good Frenchman, you have to complain, so it's easy, you complain for 2 minutes and you forget that during this time others have decided not to pay this kind of fees. In fact, to stop paying your bank card, managing your account and accessing the account on the Internet (yes, there are some who still pay it! ...) you just need to open an account in a online banking like ING, Hello Bank, Bridgepayday, BforBank. In this type of establishment, if your account works (that is to say that you pay your salary there and you make purchases with your bank card) you do not pay any fees. And so on average you save over US $ 190 per year! Calculate the savings made over 10 years already! ... And you will not be alone, because already more than 3 million French people have gone to online banking ...

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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