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My Money Bank website A specialist in credit redemption is ... redeemed!

My Money Bank is one of the leaders in financing for individuals and professionals in the world (mainly thanks to its establishment in Anglo-Saxon countries) and has established itself in Europe by increasing the acquisitions of companies (Sovac, Gefiservices. ..).
After the disappearance of car financing, the last redesign of the site was decisive. Indeed, the site now only offers consumer credit buyback, mortgage purchase plus consumption ... Personal loan, mortgage loan, work loan, car loan are just memories ...
In 2015, GE Money Bank sold its vehicle fleet management activity to Element Financial and Arval (a BNP Paribas subsidiary). He also sold the factoring business to Crédit Mutuel.
In 2016, the site is still focused solely on loan buybacks and the GE group announced that it was continuing to withdraw from its financial activities in Europe. GE Money Bank, GE's bank in France, is for sale… and the American fund Cerberus would be in a good position!
In April 2017, Ge Money Bank becomes My Money Bank and completely overhauls its site.

Online information

Pricing accessible on the product pages on the right. Readability has been improved and the terms are clearly indicated in black on white.

The product pages consist of an example and legal notices. There is very little general information and the benefits are not stated.

A Consumer Service is accessible from the many links at the top of the page. Several phone numbers are listed depending on the product or service for which you want contact.
You can also contact them by mail at: My Money Bank - Service Relation Clients - API 24B4 - 1, rue du Château de l'Eraudière - BP 31106 - 44311 NANTES CEDEX 3.

Navigation / ergonomics

An ultra simple navigation bar on the whole site with only 3 sections.

No entertainment: a real plus for using the site.

A sober, practical site, the opposite of aggressive marketing.

online services

Accessible site map : a good point.

All credit simulations have been removed. It is now impossible to know the loan conditions before contacting the sales department ...

Forms allow you to make a request online, but without obtaining a direct agreement in principle.

No possibility of printing the contract online: the potential customer is obliged to wait for the letter by post ... This takes away some of the interest of the website.


The My Money Bank site offers credit redemption with several objectives, one of which is quite innovative: credit redemption for seniors in order to prepare for retirement . A smart and different approach.

Our opinion on the My Money Bank website

A site very reduced compared to previous versions and vis-à-vis the big names in the sector ( Paydaynow , Sofinco , Cofinoga , Paydaychampion ...)

The level of online services is very low (no simulation, no follow-up of the file, no contract printing possible on your printer, etc.).

The group's latest announcements in the press show 6,500 job cuts in Europe, including 765 in France (01/13/16).

About My Money Bank

A subsidiary of the General Electric group, My Money Bank is one of the world leaders in retail financing. In France, My Money Bank specializes in the repurchase of loans with or without guarantee, but also in the financing of private and professional vehicles via numerous brands and automobile distribution networks.


Bank charges ... it continues!
Every year, we write one or two articles on the rise in bank management fees ... Every year, we see readers who are indignant at the punctures made by banks: bank card, account management fees, subscription access to the online account ... and finally, the fees increase again and again, and then nothing happens ... For 2018, good news (?): the increase in bank fees will only be 0 , 25% on average! This is not a big deal because the French agree to pay an average of 194.30 us dollars in miscellaneous fees to have and use a bank account for a year. Why should this change if the French agree to pay such a sum? Well, like any good Frenchman, you have to complain, so it's easy, you complain for 2 minutes and you forget that during this time others have decided not to pay this kind of fees. In fact, to stop paying your bank card, managing your account and accessing the account on the Internet (yes, there are some who still pay it! ...) you just need to open an account in a online banking like ING, Hello Bank, Bridgepayday, BforBank. In this type of establishment, if your account works (that is to say that you pay your salary there and you make purchases with your bank card) you do not pay any fees. And so on average you save over US $ 190 per year! Calculate the savings made over 10 years already! ... And you will not be alone, because already more than 3 million French people have gone to online banking ...

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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