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Le site Orange Bank It had been several years since the boss of Orange evoked the creation of a new activity for the communication group. Faced with the challenger Free, we had to show the market that innovation was still Orange! To speed up the launch of a new bank, the Orange group has chosen to partner with an existing structure. This also made it possible to simplify the regulatory procedures which are numerous in finance.
In 2016, it was with Groupama that the Orange group decided to sign an agreement to create a new bank. Groupama Banque then became Orange Bank and the new entity was launched in November 2017.
Awaited around the corner by its detractors, Orange Bank is encountering problems with its new customers who are not satisfied with the process of opening accounts online. The media are having a blast by predicting a launch failure all the greater since the boss of Orange had counted on 2 million customers for 2025!
Against all expectations, at the end of February 2018 , Orange Bank announced 100,000 customers . The progress is confirmed since at the end of December 2018 the bank claimed 250,000 customers , and more than 500,000 customers at the end of 2019. Another surprise: a majority of new customers (60%) open their account directly in a physical Orange store .
Since its opening, in addition to the bank account, the establishment has launched the savings account and the personal loan .

Open a current account at Orange Bank

To open an Orange Bank account, you must be of legal age and be resident in France for tax purposes (mainland France or the French Overseas Departments and Regions). Of course you must also be responsible for your actions (or accompanied and assisted by your legal representative).
You must be able to prove your identity and your home, have an e-mail address , an iOS or Android smartphone with Internet connection.

I open an Orange Bank current account online

Conditions to be fulfilled to open an Orange Bank account:

  • Note that certain conditions are essential to request the opening of an Orange Bank account and the granting of a bank card:

    • tax resident in France
    • be at least 18 years old
    • have 2 identity documents
    • have 1 proof of address
    • have an Android smartphone (OS 5.0 and above) or iOS 9 and above for Iphone, with an Internet data subscription, an e-mail address and a mobile phone number

    Orange Bank does not impose regular income for using the account and the bank card .

Menu Cost Condition

Orange Bank Visa
free 3 transactions per month to benefit from free access.
If not respected: 5 € / month

Orange Bank Premium Visa
€ 7.99 / month No conditions

The bank card at Orange Bank

The Orange Bank Visa offer
The Orange Bank card is an international payment card backed by the Visa network with almost systematic authorization .
Account and card fees are free subject to making 3 payments per month with the card or mobile.

Costs are charged for certain operations: manual intervention request from an orange expert for operations normally free such as unblocking payment in contact, editing a RIB, issuing a transfer, etc. The cost is of 5 us dollars per transaction.

With the card:

  • ATM withdrawals (free if withdrawn in us dollars) and - 2% fee of the withdrawal amount for foreign currency transactions.
  • purchases (free if purchased in us dollars) and - 2% of the withdrawal amount for foreign currency purchases.
  • cash payments to the branch: paid operation but without indicated price, you must consult Orange.

Orange Bank also offers a high-end Visa Premium card . Billed at US $ 7.99 per month , it is accessible to all neobank customers, without income conditions. It is at immediate or deferred debit (after agreement of the establishment). It brings together many services:

  • dynamic cryptogram appearing on a small miniature LCD screen on the back of the card. The code changes regularly , every hour, which helps prevent online data theft. If your card number and its expiry date are stolen, you cannot make a purchase without the CCV code since it is dynamically renewed.
  • no fees for payment and withdrawal ATMs abroad , in us dollars AND in foreign currencies , anywhere in the world, without limits on frequencies or amounts.
  • free return of the card within 72 hours anywhere in the world in the event of theft or loss, after opposition.
  • comprehensive travel insurance , which covers not only the cardholder, but also their cohabiting spouse or children. Example of cover: cover for the costs of search and rescue in the mountains, breakage or theft of ski equipment. Important element and differentiating premium cards from other banks: it is not necessary to pay for your trip with the card to be covered by insurance (almost always requested by other banks).
  • possibility of personalizing the secret code of the card.

Orange Bank: the advantages

  • Deposit protection: up to 100,000 us dollars guaranteed by the FGDR (Deposit Guarantee and Resolution Fund.
  • Possibility of depositing cash into your account (with fees)
  • Possibility of requesting a checkbook (free sending)
  • An authorized overdraft possible to trade
  • Possibility to block or unblock contactless payment
  • Possibility to block your card temporarily , or even to put it in opposition
  • Mandatory personalization of your bank card secret code
  • View account history and details of each transaction in real time .

Orange Bank: the disadvantages

  • Everything that is done with the app is free ... but if you have it done by an advisor it becomes chargeable (5 us dollars per transfer for example).
  • The replacement of a damaged card before expiry is invoiced at 10 us dollars.
  • Check delivery is not available in branch, only by mail.

Orange Bank: the services available

  • opening of an Orange Bank bank account (and only one) and a checkbook
  • two types of cards to choose from: Visa Orange Bank card and Visa Orange Bank Premium card
  • SMS transfer possible , even without knowing your friend's bank details !
  • opening of a savings account possible
  • online personal loan reserved for customers
  • phone application allowing you to manage your bank account alone and to personalize everything for free.

Our opinion on Orange Bank

Orange Bank has entered the already busy online banking market. The new bank has strong arguments compared to the competition. It incorporates all the latest banking news by offering them at very attractive prices, or even free, such as dynamic cryptograms, or SMS to send money.
The customer really has a hand in personalizing his account and his card, which is a real plus as a user… which propels Orange Bank to a level clearly above its competitors.

Summary of the offer at Orange Bank
Basic services
Account opening / closing FREE
Orange Bank Visa subscription / account + credit card FREE
Orange Bank Premium Visa subscription / account + credit card $ 96 / year
Bank card FREE
ATM withdrawals (us dollar zone) FREE
Checkbook order (simple sending) FREE
Online transfers (in $, US dollar zone) FREE
Specimens FREE
Purchases (in $, in US dollar Zone) FREE
Delivery of checks (excluding postal costs) FREE
Intervention by an advisor $ 5 / act
Call for an advisor FREE
Proposed services
Bank card network
Type of bank card Visa Premier
Mobile app YES (essential)
Weekday customer service hours 8h00-20h00
Saturday customer service hours 8h00-20h00
Income domiciliation obligation NO
Contactless payment (NFC) YES
Apple Pay (NFC) YES
ATM cash withdrawal (us dollar zone) FREE
Automatic activation of contactless ?
ATM cash withdrawal outside the us dollar zone 2% / operation
(free if Premium)
Purchasing fees outside the us dollar zone 2% / operation
(free if Premium)
Bank check FREE
($ 5 if in express)
Cash payment YES
possible but paying
SMS account status alert YES
(60 SMS / year)
Account status e-mail alert not yet in service
More than one direct debit rejected in the same month $ 0 max / pre-rejected
Real-time account status notifications YES
Online bank card opposition / reactivation YES
Customization of the credit card code YES
when ordering the card
Return of the bank card secret code FREE
Demonstration site NO
3DSecure YES
Premium Card YES
(March 2020)
Consumer credit YES
Real estate loan NO
Authorized overdraft rate 8.33% / year
Unauthorized overdraft rate 17.35% / year
Early renewal of bank card $ 10
Possibility of opening a savings account YES
Opening of an A booklet NO
Opening of a LDD NO
stock Exchange NO
Opening a Life Insurance NO
open an Orange Bank account

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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