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Number 2 in credit in France.
For more than 60 years Sofinco has offered financing for individuals . After a development that has positioned the company among the leading credit institutions in France, Sofinco has developed in Germany, Greece, Spain but also in Hungary, Morocco and the Czech Republic. Sofinco has been a 70% subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group since 1999 and has also joined forces (in 2000) with Crédit Lyonnais for credit management.

Sofinco is the financial partner of large distributors such as Fnac , La Redoute , Castorama , and Darty . Since May 2014, Sofinco joined the FiaNet network to have its customers' satisfaction assessed: the result is more than good, since Sofinco obtains a score of 8.7 / 10 (February 2016), which is excellent for an establishment of credit.

Online information:

All the personal loans pages present the pricing of the project concerned. The legal notices are very visible, written several times on each page!

The project pages all clearly present the loan amounts and possible durations. For the New Car , it is possible to borrow from $ 5,000 to $ 75,000 over 12 to 72 months. For used cars , these are the same amounts, but over a period of 12 to 60 months.
The Works projects are financed between $ 3,800 and $ 75,000, over a period of 36 to 120 months.

The legal notices are accessible from all pages of the site.

Possibility of taking out a loan with or without contribution.

Navigation / ergonomics

The navigation bar provides quick access to all the main pages of the site: Credit solutions , Insurance , Loan buyback , Prepare your project , Find out about us .

Not too many animations and videos on the pages of the site. Only the home page presents a "large format" credit promotion.

Still on the home page, the credit simulation is dominant and that's good, because that's why we come to the Sofinco site!

The site map has been added at the bottom of each page ... in a visible manner.

online services

A simulation tool is available from the home page. You must first click on the icon of your project (car, need for money, work, repurchase of credit) and then select an amount. One click provides a result ... or results ... In fact, the simulation result presents over 10 monthly installments for a simulation car and 5 for work ... Clicking one from them you can see the duration, the APR, the total cost. An astonishing approach, but ultimately quite practical.

For an amount less than 3000 us dollars , whatever the project, it is the revolving credit “Agile” which is proposed, and for a higher amount it is the personal loan.

A summary of the credit requested appears while filling out the credit request form.

A real plus: the possibility for Sofinco customers to identify themselves and thus avoid filling out the entire loan application (with an identifier).

In the customer area, you have the possibility to consult the information that Sofinco holds about you. You can therefore update them , change your address ... This is the only correct customer area that we have found so well done.

No Internet access to the Sofinco Consumer Service. To contact them, write to: Service Consommateurs CA Consumer finance, rue du Bois Sauvage, 91038 EVRY Cedex.

The site has online monitoring of your credit application. This tool lets you know where you are without sending an email or phone call.

Sofinco no longer takes application fees on all online personal loans. For the repurchase of credit, the application fees correspond to 1% of the amount borrowed and are capped at $ 150.


Sofinco launched its Commitments Pack with services that are certainly interesting, but which are not very innovative:

  • Payment of funds in 48 hours (working days): funds paid in 48 hours to your bank account ...
  • Monthly payment : the monthly payment break is possible every 6 months ...
  • Credit insurance : thanks to your credit insurance, your monthly payments are covered in the event of sick leave or hospitalization, for example.

Advantageous credit card card fee
The VISA card for € 19 / year only and the VISA Premier card for € 49 / year only, while benefiting from insurance guarantees and exclusive assistance ...

Our opinion on the Sofinco website
A practical site that has improved over time. The business proposals are clear and the information easily found.
There are still 23 Sofinco branches open in France ... It's quite surprising compared to competitors like Paydaynow which no longer has any.
The simulation tool which gives 10 monthly payments at once could be improved by putting under each amount the duration of the loan.
The rates charged are exactly the average for establishments.

About Sofinco

Sofinco is a brand of CA Consumer Finance (Crédit Agricole Group). With 78.3 billion euros in assets under management at the end of 2011, and a presence in 23 countries, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, resulting from the merger on April 1, 2010 of Sofinco and Finaref, is a major player in consumer credit .



Bank charges ... it continues!
Every year, we write one or two articles on the rise in bank management fees ... Every year, we see readers who are indignant at the punctures made by banks: bank card, account management fees, subscription access to the online account ... and finally, the fees increase again and again, and then nothing happens ... For 2018, good news (?): the increase in bank fees will only be 0 , 25% on average! This is not a big deal because the French agree to pay an average of 194.30 us dollars in miscellaneous fees to have and use a bank account for a year. Why should this change if the French agree to pay such a sum? Well, like any good Frenchman, you have to complain, so it's easy, you complain for 2 minutes and you forget that during this time others have decided not to pay this kind of fees. In fact, to stop paying your bank card, managing your account and accessing the account on the Internet (yes, there are some who still pay it! ...) you just need to open an account in a online banking like ING, Hello Bank, Bridgepayday, BforBank. In this type of establishment, if your account works (that is to say that you pay your salary there and you make purchases with your bank card) you do not pay any fees. And so on average you save over US $ 190 per year! Calculate the savings made over 10 years already! ... And you will not be alone, because already more than 3 million French people have gone to online banking ...

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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